IDeAl Webinar Series 2016

All talks of the webinar series start at 17:00 CEST. Please find the detailed connection information in the current issue of the IDeAl Newsletter.
All featured videos can be found in our youtube channel.


4. Oct

6. Oct

11. Oct

13. Oct

18. Oct

20. Oct

25. Oct

27. Oct

10. Nov

15. Nov

17. Nov


Dieter Hilgers

Dieter Hilgers

Mats Karlsson

Holger Dette

Geert Molenberghs

Franz König

Stephen Senn

France Mentré

Malgorzata Bogdan

Carl-Frederik Burman

Christoph Male, Franz König

Work Package

Overview on IDEAL and Introduction to Webinar Series

WP2: Assessment of randomisation procedures and randomisation based tests in small population groups

WP7: Simulation of clinical trials in small population groups

WP3: Extrapolating doseresponse information to small population groups

WP10: Biomarker surrogate endpoints in small population groups

WP4: Adaptive design studies in small population groups

WP6: Design of pharmacogenetic small population group trials including cross-over trials, n-of-1 trials and enrichment trials

WP5: Optimal design in mixed models to analyse studies in small population groups

WP8: Genetic factors influencing the response to the therapy in small population group trials

WP9: Decision analysis in small population groups

WP10: Dissemination