Austrian magazine “Profil” issues extensive article on Pediatrics

The Austrian magazine “Profil” released an extensive article on Paediatrics. Quoting Christoph Male (MUW), the article calls attention to the lack of drugs licensed for the tharapy of diseases in children. The smaller the child, the bigger are the differences of the effectiveness and safety of the drug. One reason for the lack of therapies for children is the low number of affected people, making it both unprofitable and difficult for the drug companies to investigate therapies for children. On the other hand, the fundamental agreement of society to leave children out of clinical research needs to be overcome. Both issues are being tackled by new regulations of the European Medical Agency and its Paediatric Committee. The drug companies are now required to consult the Paediatric Committee in the early stage of the development of a new drug for the therapy of any disease that is prevalent in children. Christoph Male is the Austrian representative in the Paediatric Committee. The new regulations also benefit the drug companies by longer exclusive licenses and easier licensing processes, and are expected to have a positive effect on the number of available therapies already in a few years.