Study Stays

The IDeAl project fosters the exchange between PhD students working in the IdeAl project and EAB members in order to combine innovative ideas with years of experience. These below standing study stays have already been conducted. The results obtained during the study stays and the newly developped ideas are still influencing the IDeAl research.

Study Stay of Gerald Hlavin to visit Frank Bretz

Gerald Hlavin from the Medical University Vienna the Statistical Methodology and Consulting group of Novartis in July 2015 (led by EAB member Frank Bretz). He worked together with Ekkehard Glimm on simulations regarding multiple comparisons. This was a valuable experience regarding the finishing of Deliverable 4.1. Gerald Hlavin also gave a talk on a new model regarding extrapolation of efficacy from adults to children and interesting ideas for future work were shared.

Study Stay of Kathrin Möllenhoff to visit Frank Bretz

Kathrin Möllenhoff from Ruhr Universität Bochum visited EAB member Frank Bretz at Novartis in Basel, Switzerland, for a duration of six weeks in February/March 2016. The aim was to write a paper together on assessing the similarity of dose response curves, which was nearly finished in these 6 weeks. During her time in Basel, she could get an impression of the possibilities to apply parts of her theoretical work of the last 2 years. She gave a talk at Novartis with an interesting discussion following afterwards, which offered a lot of new ideas for further work in Bochum and for a second stay at Novartis, scheduled for late summer this year.

Study Stay of Diane Uschner to visit William F. Rosenberger

Diane Uschner from Uniklinik RWTH Aachen University visited EAB member Prof. William F. Rosenberger at George Mason Univerity (GMU) Fairfax, Virginia, USA, for a duration of five weeks in October 2015 in order to advance the research in randomization based inference (Deliverable 2.3). Special emphasis was given to the validity of randomization tests of response adaptive randomization procedures and to randomization tests in the presence of selection bias. She gave one talk at GMU and one at NIH, and is working on a paper to publish the research conducted at GMU.

Study Stay of Piotr Sobczyk to visit Chiara Sabatti

Piotr Sobczyk from PW visited EAB member Chiara Sabatti at Stanford, USA, and conducted research on FDR control in Genome-Wide Association Studies. Particularly, he created an R package geneSLOPE for performing GWAS (available on CRAN).

Study Stay of Piotr Sobczyk to visit Sangkyun Lee

Piotr Sobczyk from PWR visited dr Sangkyun Lee from Technische Universität Dortmund and conducted research on estimating graphical models. The new method that was developed during that visit can be used for e.g. clustering co-regulated genes.

Study Stay of Sergey Krasnozhon to visit Ralf-Dieter Hilgers

Sergey Krasnozhon together with Franz König visited the Institute for Medical Statistics at the Uniklinikum Aachen for one week in May 2015. During the meeting, the results of a co-joint work on response-adaptive randomization procedures were presented and discussed, in particular on their use in clinical trials with the limited number of patients (Tasks 2.2 and 2.4 of WP2). Changes were proposed and further goals were identified. Preliminary results of the work were presented at the Workshop on Adaptive Designs and Multiple Comparison Procedures held in Cologne, Germany (June 24-26 2015).

Study Stay of Sergey Krasnozhon to visit Gernot Wassmer

In the context of a Study stay, Sergey also visited ADDPLAN Inc, an ICON plc company in Cologne, Germany for two weeks in June/ July 2015. The goal of this visit was to advance joint work on Adaptive MCP-Mod (Task 4.2 of WP4). As a result, the draft version of a paper on Adaptive MCP-Mod was corrected and changes were suggested.